Live In-Person Calligraphy Courses
Workshop opportunities with Denis Brown

The pandemic is still affecting live bookings. Munich is the ONLY opportunity this year. My online video courses are another option where you can learn any time, any place and at your own pace.

Guilds/workshop organisers: contact me via the support link if you are interested to discuss the possibility of me teaching in your area.  4 or 5 full-day bookings are generally required as a minimum if long-distance travel is involved. Full terms on request.


Schloss Fürstenried Munich, Germany 
Two residential retreats, detailed below. These are the ONLY live classes to go ahead in three years, due to covid cancellations.

Text into Texture—Writing Calligraphy in Overlapping Layers
Schloss Fürstenried, Munich, June 3—5, 2022  (Weekend) 
The workshop will include writing text on top of text for a range of textural effects. Students will learn how colour and value affect overlapping layers, either to keep them spatially distinct and legible, or to merge as one abstract layer. A discussion of the spatial shallow depth in high modernist paintings will inform our processes.  
For more info & booking, email [email protected]     

Experimental Polyrhythmic Calligraphy—Expanding rhythms of writing 
Schloss Fürstenried, Munich, June 6—June 10, 2022  (Mid-week)
This workshop will introduce more complex rhythms than possible with even-spaced traditional lettering. These will be applied in experimental and expressive calligraphy.  
For more info & booking, email [email protected]