Qu Art Museum, China, Art Commission

A bespoke commission now installed and on show at Suzhou Jinji Lake Biennale

The video above reveals the 3D nature of moving past the spaced layers.

Frontal view, side 1
The texts (mostly concealed, hidden, and secret) include over 460 individual wishes sent to me for this series.

Angled view, side 1
In all images, I spaced the layers roughly using 5 cm pieces of polystyrene, painted black, on either side. The frame structure should replace these with wooden slips concealed beneath the lip of the frame.

Frontal view, side 2

Detail of  engraved seeds and gold leaf

The black polystyrene at the sides is a temporary method of spacing the seven sheets and should be replaced by elegant framing produced locally.

I made the central whorl by abrading the clear acrylic with diamond sanding blocks. The centre contains drops of clear resin.  Other images with angled views attempt to reveal the 3D effect over seven spaced sheets.