B = beginner level
= intermediate
= advanced


Calligraphy Workshops
with Denis Brown

The list of topics below is for the information of workshop organizers. Full info of each is linked from the red buttons. Individuals wanting information of scheduled workshops, find a current list here.

Some basic themes have all 3 level keys B I A simply because advanced students learn a lot from a thorough reappraisal with a master. Groups with mostly advanced students may be tutored on request to a higher level.


LETTER FORM WORKSHOPS button    Foundational Hand   B I A
An in-depth look at this basic script

button    Roman and/or Italic Capitals   B I A

button    Understanding Italic   B I A
Learn principles so as not to merely copy shapes

button    Gothic script   B I
Textura or Black-letter styles

button    Celtic Half Uncial    B I
A basic Celtic script

button    Celtic Hybrid Script   I A
The hybrid between Celtic and italic styles for a more modern Celtic flavor

button    Advanced manipulated Italic    I A
Incorporating Denis' energetic pen manipulations

button    Gothicized Italic   I A
Hybrid of Gothic with Italic for a modern fluency in a Gothic feel.

button    Italics: Form, Variations, Fluency   I A
A 5 day class elucidating unity between many different italic styles.



button    Layout and design for calligraphers  B I
Layout & design a panel of text.

button    The “Big Project” of Calligraphy   I A
Make a large panel of calligraphy composed of blocks of text set in dynamic contrast.

button    Dynamic Composition    I A
An approach to experimental calligraphic compositions.



button    Sharpness in Writing   B I
achieve fine hairlines and crisp detail

button    Experimental Gilding   B I
Gilt backgrounds for calligraphy

button    Vellum & Parchment    I A
Working on skins

    Celtic Themes
also listed individually below



button    Polyrhythmic Calligraphy    I A
Expanding rhythms of writing

button    Tune up to Play Calligraphy    I A

button    Rhythm & Eurhythmics    I A
A 5 day class exploring rhythm in writing and in composition

button    Layered Calligraphy    I A
Text into Texture

button    Dangerous Lines    A
Vigorous pen strokes: Calligraphy with attitude

button    Shadow Boxes    I A
Double-sided, layered, translucent art

button    Capital Expression    I A

button    Gestural Flourishing    A
Expressive rather than decorative flourishes

button    Painterly Techniques    I A
Calligraphy between glazes of oil paint



button    Introducing Celtic   B I
One day seminar with slide presentations plus brief introduction to drawing and writing in the Celtic style.

button    Half Uncial   B I
The Celtic script

button    Celtic Initials   B I
Design your own initial in Celtic style

button    A Knot-work Panel   B I
Learn how to draw & paint a complex interlaced panel from the Book of Kells

button    Celtic Spirals   B I
Construct a complex spiral group from the Book of Durrow

button    Celtic Hybrid Script    I A
The hybrid between Celtic and italic styles for a more modern Celtic flavor

button    Celtic to Digital   B I A
One day seminar with multi-media slide lectures plus live demos of Celtic and Modern calligraphy that influenced Denis Brown