This page includes a list of international workshops and lectures, where I am scheduled to teach. Contact the relevant organizers for booking information.

Guilds & workshop organizers, contact me if you are interested to discuss the possibility of me teaching in your area. Note: 4 or 5 full day bookings are generally required as a minimum if long distance travel is involved. Full terms on request.

Workshop topics I offer are listed here.




Istanbul, Turkey

January 27-28, 2018. Foundational Hand
January 9-February 1, 2018. Masterclass
February 3-4, 2018. Gothic Script
Contact & Booking: Erhan Olcay,



Münstertal, Black Forest
4 day residential retreat at Kloster St. Trudpert, Münstertal, Schwarzwald
August 16-20, 2018. Celtic Hybrid Script.
Contact & Booking:

Scheyern, Bavaria
Kloster Scheyern
August 31- September 2, 2018. Colour for Calligraphers
September 3-7, 2017. Gothicized Italic
Details and booking info:

September 4-7, 2018
Theme to be decided
Details and booking info: Sylvia Walther



March 2-8, 2018. Calligraphers Holiday

Details and booking info:


United States

July 14 - 21, 2018. Seattletters International Calligraphy Conference

Denis Brown is offering a 5 day class on Celtic & Gothic Hybrids: Breeding Modern Varieties of Scripts as part of this conference.
Booking info: