Gothicized Italic


Gothicized Italic Script
Calligraphy Workshop with Denis Brown
Duration: 2 or 3 days. Level: Intermediate to advanced
Max. 20 students

This hybrid of Denis' energetic italics with Gothic characteristics results in a lively modern form. Denis' theory of italic will be introduced so students can aspire to understand forms rather than merely copy them. Advanced pen manipulations will help bring the forms to life. Three days will allow a better incorporation of capitals but two days will be enough to cover lower case with at least a discussion and demonstration of some capitals.

Student supplies: Square edged dip-pens, (Brause size 3mm & 4mm particularly recommended in addition to students own preferred brand); ink; ruler; pencils; pad of practice paper A3 size (11"x l7") or larger; gouache; palettes, mixing and loading brushes. A couple of sheets of a quality paper such as Arches Text Wove or BFK Rives.
Optional: These days many students find a smart phone with camera is a convenient way to photograph demonstrations to inform practice at their table.

The term GOTHIC encompasses a wide range of styles, from marching Texturas to fluid Bastarda cursives and modern Gothicized Italics and hybrids. A 5-day extended workshop could cover several styles tailored to any specified level from beginner to advanced. Please contact me for further details if such a custom topic is of interest. Gothic Script is a topic more suitable for beginners and novices.


Gothicized Italic
Denis Brown writing Gothicized Italic