Manuscript book 1997

This manuscript book from 1997 was my own exploration of ideas shared in this class. Click the image for another page spread.

Dynamic Composition
A two or three day workshop with Denis Brown
Intermediate to Advanced level
NOTE: this module is included in the 5 day class Rhythm & Eurhythmics

Calligraphic layouts often merely fill space, but we will explore how compositionally active spaces can be created by dividing the picture plane with lines of writing. Exercises in rhythmic repetition & paraphrasing of calligraphic elements will lead to the development of works from thumbnail sketches to dynamic compositions.


Normal kit of dip-pens: Brause size 1.5mm, 2mm, 3mm, 4mm & 5mm particularly suggested in addition to students own preferred brand; plus a range of any other writing tools you use (brushes, ruling pens, droppers, etc); ink, gouache colors, pencils, ruler, palettes; mixing and loading brushes; scalpel or scissors; pad of paper A3 size (12 "x 17") or larger; a few larger (full-size) sheets of better quality paper, incl. one of a mid-tone color; big Automatic or Coit pens; scalpel or sharp craft knife; glue-stick.


Calligraphy Workshop with Denis Brown
Detail from one of the class handout sheets