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Hardcover, 264 pages with 234 colour illustrations, 89 of which are full-page or double-page plates including life-size and larger than life-size reproductions.

Dimensions: 12" × 8.5" × 1"
(303 × 217 × 28 mm)











This book makes clear the most important aspects of calligraphy as art in this moment. One will understand the difference between real calligraphy and what I call typographical calligraphy…. Even if if you are not a calligrapher you will far more enjoy calligraphy after reading this book…. Because of serious reflections and excellent works and illustrations, it is the most important book on calligraphy of the last decades. It s a must for calligraphers and all people interested in Calligraphy as Art.
My very best congratulations with your masterpiece! (I like your signature in barcode; I love that humour!!)
Evert van Dijk, Calligrapher and Author, Netherlands


It's a masterpiece, and contemporary in connecting high level technology, knowledge, taste, living tradition of calligraphy, and virtuosity of an artist.
In these times of change in the world, it is a sign of hope, that mankind is in evolution to rise up with what we have and what we learned in the past!

Rainer Wiebe, Calligrapher, Saarbrücken, Germany


Denis Brown creates some of the most beautiful artistic constructions this country has ever produced. Taking the art of Calligraphy and extending it so beautifully into the realms of the profound is breath-taking.
Michael McGlynn, Internationally acclaimed Composer & Artistic Director of the choral group Anúna.


Extraordinary—beautiful—dazzling—and fantastic.
Michael Scott, City Theatre Dublin, Ireland


Creative & imaginative work driven by passionate mastery of a craft with a great tradition.
Timothy O’Neill, author ‘The Irish Hand’, Dublin, Ireland


I have received your book and found it has exceeded my high expectations! Your ability to communicate through calligraphic skills is decades ahead of others and your written word in the text is simply incredible! Congratulations on adding another dimension to your exceptional career! Your book will be both read and revered for many reasons for a long time.
Don Tate, UT, USA


Amazing book. Buying it is a no-brainer. You can see the love and attention to detail on every page.
Beth Morton, TX, USA


The book is magical. It's incredibly beautiful - in all senses. This is a gift for visual, and for kinesthetic. The works of Denis Brown cause me such a storm of emotions! Have you ever seen something beautiful and harmonious enough to cry and laugh at the same time, look into the details and move away to see the whole picture, be surprised, resent, shout and be silent? It's difficult to say what I'm feeling right now. 
Tatiana Pin, Kiev, Ukraine


… it is a real, true, amazing thing! Important work in our specific field of art…. an excellent exemplar to shake up your convenient thinking about calligraphy! If you are looking to add some contemporary flair to your work, turn here for inspiration. I will!
Maria Helena Hoksch, LA, USA



An impressive hunk of a book!
Trish Meyer, NM, USA


Especially of interest is the deeper meaning that you allude to and your success in promoting deeper thought in the viewer/reader. Superbly done. Thank you...
Edward Cox, Jazz Musician


So refreshing to see/read a calligrapher/artist who is working on a deeper level than purely 'beautiful writing/images'. I was particularly moved by your early take on societal issues.
Nathalie Moisy, Oxford, UK


A MUST HAVE, this book of Denis Brown. I am so proud and happy to study the skills and art of this modern calligrapher—for me simply THE BEST.
Heinz Greuling, Koeln, Germany


It's exquisite!
Annika Petersson, Sweden


I don't care about the unkempt photo of me with this very Precious Treasure, and over time as I try to absorb all within, I just have to say that each and everyone needs to order Brown Calligraphy and see for themselves the magic within, and you can only get this book from him, so go for it.
Thank you Denis Brown, it really is a Treasure.

Collene Kalb, NSW, Australia

Good heavens!! It must be some book—Tommy doesn't get that exited over a Cadillac!
Tom and June Lloyd (non-calligraphers in Australia responding to a fellow car lover's comment above!)


Content is superb as I'd expect from you but I'm also very impressed by the production quality. Right up there with other art books I own that cost twice the price or more.
Andrew Williams, London, UK


A masterpiece. Your work makes this world a better place.
Ryan Holly, CO, USA




This is the second day I have spent with this book, "Brown Calligraphy," by renown Dublin artist and calligrapher Denis Brown. To say I fell head over heels for this book puts it mildly. I will savor this gorgeous work of art, a beacon to those of us who despair that postmodern art will ruin all appreciation for searching for our better selves. Denis Brown proves he is so much more than a calligrapher and/or artist. You bared your soul, Denis.
Mary Manning Whitaker, UT, USA


The result is amazing. I am actually speechless.
Hetty van der Aart, Netherlands


Thank you for your beautiful book! It is an amazing feast for the eyes, every page a complete delight with so many showing close up detail of your fabulous work. I am looking forward to reading the text once I can tear myself away from the visual delights of the work shown. A real treat, cannot recommend it enough to all my calligraphy friends, a definite buy!
Michelle Goulder, Cambridge, UK



The cover beneath
the dust jacket
features a wrap-around
design with the titling
calligraphy foil-stamped
larger than life-size.




Foil-stamped wrap-around cover





I am having a wonderful evening; once more Denis is bringing us together.
Ute Kreuzer, Weisendorf, Germany


I received my book this morning and it made it to Puerto Rico in perfect condition. The book is absolutely gorgeous.
David Gasser, Puerto Rico, USA


I am totally thrilled! Your book is a treasure!
Donna Whitman, VT, USA


It's all SPECTACULAR!!! Labors of love don't often make one rich, and I hope this does more than just meet your expenses and time investment.
Lisa Kivland, IL, USA



This is such a different experience from your videos, and your postings on YouTube. A treasure from you that I cherish more than any other thing.
Mary Manning Whitaker, UT,


Excellent, excellent,excellent in every respect!
Don Tate, UT, USA


I started reading and cannot stop…. We appreciate it sooooo much!
Yukiko Fukaya, Tokyo, Japan


Denis the more I read, the more emotional I get.. your Book is truly Awe-inspiring.. now to see if some will rub off , over time.. I truly love it.. can't recommend it enough.
Collene Kalb, NSW, Australia


I received my Denis Brown book at 11:00AM today. It was lying on the floor of the garage by my car. I could tell it had been placed there with care. I gasp, knowing what was inside the secure packaging. I had a very emotional response lifting the package from the floor, feeling its heavy weight, knowing Denis well and knowing the responsibility and weight he carried throughout this monumental process of presenting his life's work to date with reverence to the History of Calligraphy and pride in his own evolution in creative Contemporary work. I said: "OMG" 3 times out loud to myself, holding the book to my heart for Denis and this masterful achievement. Thank you, Denis Brown. Of course, I wanted to see what he wrote to me. Denis wrote to me words I had said to him at our first meeting. I smiled, recapturing that time in a week long retreat in Binderland, IN.
“First, I studied the front and back covers. Next, I read the inside flaps, then did a flip through of pages back to front. These are the pages that gave me pause to stop and look closely: Page 254 Burned Calf skin, Page 250 reading the Epilogue, Page 105 the word minimum, how many pages of Minimum did Denis Brown want me to letter? Pages 68-71 The Woman, spent time looking and thinking. Page 34 Exploding the word= POWERFUL to me, on many levels. Love this header. Page 29 Artistic approaches. Page 5. Subscribing to Scribing. I'm saving the forward by Ewan Clayton and the PREFACE by Denis Brown, for a time when I settle into really enjoying every moment in the beauty and words that make this journey for Denis, Real. I Love this Book that is now my Book. Thank you Denis, for gifting us with so much of you.

Diana Hutchison, FL, USA




My copy arrived Thursday and I thumbed through from back to front, front to back, stopping to peruse the amazing amount of artwork produced in such stunning colors (and don't even get me started on the beautiful cover). But it was this afternoon, when I started at the very beginning, that I became totally transfixed with the journey(s) you've taken since you were a young lad. The photography is magnificent, but the writing draws one into your life in such a way that one feels almost a part of your story as a calligrapher and as an artist. Bravo and thank you for letting us be a part of your journey.
Sandy Riddell Wagner, IN, USA


The quality and clarity of the reproductions are stunning. What a feast for the eyes and the soul!
Jan Turner, Kent, UK