Hand-worked print by Denis Brown

Manual Digital -made with digits of the hand         Magnify
Special large format hand-worked edition print

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Archival giclée on 140lb watercolor paper.
Size (approximately): 16” x 31” / 41 x 79 cm
Limited edition of 60 original prints on hand-painted paper, each with thick white brushstrokes and flecks of gold and silver leaf under the printed image. Each print is hand finished by the artist with original painting.
Text: “Manual digital; made with digits of the hand, i.e., fingers”. Words by the artist.
Thick hand-painted brushstrokes of white paint underly the print, greatly adding to the rhythmic movement which also features an original fingerprint of the artist.
Note: Hand painting results in prints that are not 100% flat, but have slight undulations typical of handmade art. This should be considered a quality, not a flaw, and will easily be managed by any picture framer accustomed to handling original art.

Artist's notes: The work plays on the original meaning of the word digital, as "pertaining to the fingers". In this sense all handwritten calligraphy is digital... manual digital, that is.

Printed from an Epson 3800 using Epson’s 9-color UltraChrome ink system at 2880 dpi on Bockingfoird watercolor paper, with a custom coating to facilitate crisp long lasting quality. Detail is super fine at this resolution, almost 10 times finer than commercial printing, so that even under a magnifying glass, prints hold up to close scrutiny.


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