Calligraphy print by Denis Brown

Digital, pertaining to the fingers.  
Artist’s original print with calligraphy by Denis Brown.

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Archival giclée on 90lb watercolor paper with a matte finish.
Size: 13” x 19” / 33 x 48 cm.
Limited edition of 150 prints, each signed and numbered.
Each print features a hand stamped impression of a Japanese seal.
Text: An extract from email discussion between the artist and poet Catherine Byron. Full transcription below.

"What an intriguing idea about the affinity between the barcode and conceptual calligraphy - and that black/white binary is also expressed at the digital heart of the computer itself, the 0/1 binary. And that word, digital, containing the idea of 'finger'."
"Digital- yes of course! Fingers- and the link with the origins of Roman numerals- but 'pentadactyle penning' is inherently more complex than any mere binary digital manipulation! Yet the spacing of the black/white binary in barcodes seems far more complex than that of most calligraphy. I guess their rigid and simplistic line means that the spacing variation adds a dynamic to the pattern without overpowering it, whereas the free organic line of calligraphy normally demands more regular spacing to avoid complete chaos! I'm speaking pure aesthetics now- which of course is beyond the design brief of the barcode- yet visually stimulating nonetheless..."

Printed from an Epson 3800 using Epson’s 9-color UltraChrome ink system at 2880 dpi on Epson acid free watercolor paper, a combination to ensure long lasting quality. Wilhelm Imaging Research (, suggest prints using this combination of ink and media will last for over 90 years without appreciable fading, based on indoor display framed under glass. Dark Storage Stability Rating at 73°F/50%RH is indicated to last over 200 years. Detail is super fine at this resolution, almost 10 times finer than commercial printing, so that even under a magnifying glass, prints hold up to close scrutiny.


US$ 78.00   
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for equivalent in other currencies.
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