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Problem with my computer DVD video programs

This is a very rare group mailing since generally I post my news on Facebook
in effort to keep potentially unwanted mail to a minimum. However...

Bad news.

I’m very sorry to report that due to circumstances beyond my control, many people have found that my videos recently stopped playing on their computers. Recent updates to several major web browsers means these no longer will work as the interface to my program. The DVDs will continue to play in the older browser versions, however updates automatically install without asking users permission, so unfortunately the issue will affect a lot of people. In response, sadly, I have withdrawn sales of my disks.

Good news.

I’ve made my educational calligraphy program available online where I can update it and ensure it continues to work on current browsers. People without DVD drives on their devices have been asking for this for some time—now it is available. Full access via a password that will never expire is available for US$55.
(Originally, subscriptions lasting just one year cost $27 for each module, totaling $162 for all six in the full program—this is now much better value for non-expiring access to all 9 hours of the program.)

Better news.

Those who purchased my Educational DVDs, “Italic Rhythm to Polyrhythmic Calligraphy,” can request a free or heavily discounted password. It is free if you bought disks in 2016, or or for an administration fee of $15 if you bought before that. Reply with evidence of your purchase to apply for your personal individual password. If you purchased direct from Calligraphy.TV, I may have your details in my database even if you cannot find your receipt. Anyone else without DVDs can purchase online access for $55 at:

There is added value coming gradually for no extra charge. Now my documentary series, “Western Calligraphy goes East,” is also available online to all who have a password. This adds 4.5 hours of video, along with the 9 hour calligraphy masterclass. There will be totally new stuff in the future at no extra cost. Those who purchased my documentary on computer DVDs may similarly request a heavily discounted $15 password and get access to the whole Educational Masterclass online too. This does not apply to the Blu-Ray version of the documentary which continues to work and which is still available to purchase.


If you care to advise any friends or colleagues who have purchased my DVDs to contact me for online access, please feel free to forward this URL. I regret the problem and have worked long and hard to find what I hope you’ll agree is a fair solution.
Full details of the program including free video samples can be found at


Denis Brown

Yours sincerely,
Denis Brown
Dublin, Ireland, October 19th, 2016

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