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Making a playful calligraphic art piece. Abstract and suggestive ink. We are FLOWers.


Comprehensive intro movie to Denis Brown's educational calligraphy DVDs.
More samples from the program further down this page. Buy the computer DVD set here.
A short "trailer" movie is linked below which features the player format used in the program. More samples further down.

Samples from an eight part documentary film featuring Denis Brown making large scale art in China. Buy it on Blu-Ray or computer DVDs here.




Short excerpt from the Tools & Materials movie in the Italic Theory module. Basic advice useful to all levels. (NO advertising appears in the actual program!)


A sample from an advanced section on "dangerous lines" that proposes calligraphy strokes may be as dynamic as sports strokes . It encourages calligraphers not to be afraid of a sheet of paper! Nice music & calligraphy sequence towards the end.


This one is just for fun. If you are faint hearted turn down the volume, but if you like strong beats then turn up the noise!


Samples above are from my DVD set, a 9 hour program in custom hand packaging. Purchase here. Videos below are not on the DVDs but are freely available from my YouTube channel.


Preview of Art project in China, begun June 2013. Now full documentary is available on Blu-Ray and computer DVDs.

Experimental film of ink moving in milk revealing remarkable abstract calligraphy of nature.

Ink flowing on snow- abstract calligraphy as a metaphor for finding one's personal flow

2008 greeting and wish for writers, scribes, calligraphers and all who see ink as a metaphor for their personal FLOW.

My first attempt at making a video, including recording the music. I think I've come a long way in all aspects, but this is still by far my most popular video on YouTube! Quill-skill as the art of sWORDSmanship.

Full keynote presentation - not available in the British Isles since Channel 4 claimed copyright on a short video I had included ion this presentation.